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The Correspondence of Henry Oldenburg. 1669-1670 by Henry Oldenburg, Rupert A. Hall, Marie B. Hall

By Henry Oldenburg, Rupert A. Hall, Marie B. Hall

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I had not the other’s by mee. nor I know not well what other replye to give to the same obiection then a litle to insist upon the same kind o f answere. I did not well understand the force o f that obiec­ tion nor doe not yet, it may be that is my dulnesse I hope Dr. Wallis will pardon it. I shall make my answere as breif as I can, for I supose a litle hint will serve if I am in the right and if I am in the wrong, I ought so much the more to spare the Doctor’s patience. I am beholding to him that he would give so strict and large a scrutinye to my principles, I can’t pretend to any art o f legerdemaine, but I confesse if I may speake my foolish opinion in this businesse I thinke motion may be as easily continued by this hypothe­ sis as a certain brewer suposed it easie for him (as the storie goes) to goe to Lawe as long as there was water in the thames, because mingling o f that with his drinke would still suplye him with money, the comparison may be something extravagant, but when a particle is at rest if one motion will not light upon it to move it, another may, it is but making so many more motions like taking so many more barrels o f water out o f the thames.

Cassini has shown us a manuscript copy o f Malpighi’s book,8 and if it had not been printed with you, it would very readily have been undertaken here, for the work seems very fine and interesting. I am, Sir, with all my heart, Your very humble and affectionate servant, Huygens of Zulichem NOTES Reply to Letter 1196 (Vol. V). 1 Phil. , no. 47 (10 May 1669). 2 The letter (perhaps from J. B. Duhamel to Pierre de Carcavy) has not been traced. 3 This letter also is not now known. , but no details of the construction are given.

But this is not my business to offer yu Hypothesis, by whome I have need to be in­ structed; Therefore craving your pardon for ye digression I proceed with my account. It is affirmed here that the Towne for ye most part is built upon a quag­ mire, though the places all about it are very firme ground. Some workemen, yt have been imployed in digging, have found a mire ten foot deep ; without North gate ye highest place o f ye Towne, at seven : The earth be­ tween is a kind o f rubbish. Some times they find pittching6 a mans length under ground, & gouts for ye water to pass.

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