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The Changing Chicken: Chooks, Cooks and Culinary Culture by Jane Dixon

By Jane Dixon

Poultry meat is certainly one of Australia's most well liked and reasonable meals, however it used to be in no way therefore. The altering poultry offers a different view of nutrition structures and tradition via an exam of our altering attitudes to bird meat.

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Much like Marx one hundred years earlier, Harris argues that agriculture precedes culture, and in debate with LeviStrauss says that ‘[f]ood must nourish the collective stomach before it can feed the collective mind’ (Harris 1986, p. 15). The literature makes it hard to deny, however, that consumers’ capacity to reflect on the foods they eat is increasing alongside their growing propensity to question a range of authorities, knowledge and experts on a host of matters. This coincides with a generalised desire to be self-improving, to be socially mobile and acquire what Bourdieu (1977) identifies as ‘cultural capital’.

39). Both authors suggest that producers have more sustained authority because they actively promote the rules and resources by which what is thinkable and do-able takes place: they structure the possibilities to which consumers respond. DESIRE, THE MARKET AND OMNIVORE’S PARADOX There is no agreement within the sociology of consumption as to what constitutes desire, how it operates or what place it has in consumption activities. For many, though, it is central. On the basis that foods are ingested and contain all sorts of biological risks, I would argue that consumption of food is more vexed than consumption associated with fashion, household items, cars and housing.

The strategies of finding new markets and value-adding are illustrated in Leopold’s study of how agribusiness has evolved as an industry sector in the United States. Referring to the period immediately after World War 2, Leopold points out that agrifood businesses have had to address a general problem for capitalism, that is, ‘the downward trend of the rate of profit’ (Leopold 1985, p. 316). However, food companies have also realised that whilst profits from food processing may be slim, food processing is recession-proof because everyone has to eat.

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