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Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic by Edward C. Cook

By Edward C. Cook

The Aramaic of Qumran is usually claimed to be the simplest or merely Aramaic dialect to take advantage of for figuring out the Aramaic historical past of the hot testomony. in reality, even though it has its makes use of, the corpus of Qumran Aramaic is particularly small, and it isn't a enough resource by itself for the needs of back-translating parts of the hot testomony into “authentic” first-century c.e. Palestinian Aramaic. A attention of the problems of retroversion whilst the interpretation means of the Greek author is unknown, mixed with insufficient keep an eye on of Aramaic between retroverters, means that largescale Aramaic retroversion of latest testomony passages has no probability of reconstructing the unique Aramaic of the Gospels.

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Demon. pron. broken context). ‫אלן‬, ‫אלין‬ pl.  ‫‏אלך‬‎, 4Q570 fg 1 ii:7, fg 38:2 (uncertain, demon. pron. pl.  Attributive: ‫‏חמש שניא אלן‬‎, these five years, 1QapGen 19:23; ‫‏פתגמיא אלן‬‎, these things, 1QapGen 22:27 (MT Gen 15:1 ‫הָאֵלֶּה‬‎)‫‏טוריא אלן ; ‏‬‎, these mountains, 4Q204 fg 1 xii:27 (En. ; nominal: ‫‏הא֯ א֯לן אנון‬ ‫פחתיא‬, these are the pits, 4Q206 fg 1 xxii:1 (En. 22:4 οὗτοι); ‫‏להוון בזזין אלן‬ ]‫בא[לן‬‎, these will plunder those, 4Q318 8:8; ‎֯‫אלין אנון רבני רב[נ]י עס[ר]ת֯א‬, these are the chiefs of tens, 4Q201 fg 1 iii:13 (En.

N. m.  ‫‏אריא‬‎, 4Q318 7:1,6, 8:2; 4Q556a fg 3:5. ‫ירא‬ 24 ‫[ ארי‬n. ‫ ]אור‬adj.  ‫‏עינוה[י] בין אׄרין לאכומן‬‎, his eyes are between light-colored and dark, 4Q561 fg 1 i:2. For the present reading and discussion of previous readings, see Popović 2007: 263. ‫ אריך‬‎[√‫‏ארך‬‎] adj.  ‫‏וקטינן‬‎ ‫‏אריכן‬‎, long and slender, 1QapGen 20:5; 4Q561 fg 3:3 (broken context). ‫ ארך‬vb. Pe. , his spirit was long), 4Q550 fg 1:4; ‫‏יארך‬‎, 4Q558 fg 53:1 (fragmentary). For the idiom in 4Q550, see Tg. Neof.

2) to shut: ‫‏אחידו ג[בולי] מצרין‬‎, the borders of Egypt were shut, 4Q544 fg 1:5; ‫א֯חׄדת לשכני חזותא‬‎,‫ ‏‬the vision shut my eyelids, 4Q530 fg 1 i:7. (3) to begin a process: ‫‏אחדין עׄלי תגר רב‬‎, they were beginning a great dispute about me, 4Q544 fg 1:11 = 4Q547 fg 1–2 iii:10. For meaning no. , ‫‏ܐܚܕܘ ܩܪܒܐ‬ ‎(LS2 11 [Sokoloff Lex. 25]). Ithpe. to be seized. ‫‏[יש]כב ולא {א}יתחד‬‎, he lies down and is not seized, 11QtgJob 11:10 (MT Job 27:19 ‫‏יֵאָסֵף‬‎). The initial aleph is a dittography, pace Muraoka 2011: 11.

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