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Dealing With Frustration and Anger (Character Education) by Tara Tomczyk Koellhoffer, Madonna M Murphy, Sharon L Banas

By Tara Tomczyk Koellhoffer, Madonna M Murphy, Sharon L Banas

From time to time, everybody feels indignant or pissed off. whilst used as confident instruments, those feelings can spur us to motion to attempt to make our lives or the realm larger. This identify explores either the optimistic and detrimental aspects of those feelings and appears on the many concepts that anger administration specialists recommend for dealing with those emotions in fit methods.

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Lyman (left) had been suspended from the school, in part for making derogatory remarks about a Mormon university. He was carried out of the school after bursting into the cafeteria and “initiating a riot,” according to officials. Lyman later started protesting outside the school to continue his complaints of unfair treatment. 37 38 Dealing with Frustration and Anger (continued) > > > > > > > Lack of opportunities—in business, this means not enough chances to get promoted to a better job; in schools, this can mean a lack of extracurricular activities, or lessons that don’t challenge the student enough Not being appreciated for a job well done Too much work or homework Dishonesty among coworkers or fellow students Incompetence—in other words, employees who aren’t skilled enough to do their jobs correctly, or students who either can’t or don’t grasp the material being taught Rude treatment by coworkers or fellow students Power plays—in other words, managers or teachers who dominate workers or students under their supervision in unfair ways, as well as workers who consistently behave in ways managers consider unprofessional > Too much focus on “the self,” or being the type of person who expects things to go his or her way all the time.

A local newspaper printed an article that criticized the fact that some Mormon men had several wives. Smith was furious at this and ordered some of his followers to destroy the newspaper’s printing press. This only made the non-Mormon townspeople even angrier. They arrested Smith and his brother for the crime of vandalizing the printing press. This 1853 illustration shows Smith being tarred and feathered in an attempt to intimidate him into leaving town or renouncing his beliefs. Destructive Uses of Anger in History angry to wait for the Smith brothers to come to trial, a mob broke into the jail where they were being held and killed them in June 1844.

In fact, when it is expressed properly and channeled toward a worthwhile cause, it can have positive effects. Anger tends to have a bad reputation because, as was previously discussed, it is often accompanied by violence. Yet, anger can be a very useful tool. As psychologist and anger management expert Dr. Lyle Becourtney writes in the 2007 article “Anger Can Be Positive”: Outraged by the mistreatment of others, many have pushed for new laws over the years, including those to protect children, the mentally ill and mentally challenged, people of different religious and ethnic backgrounds, the handicapped and disabled, and many other groups.

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