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Dao companion to the philosophy of Han Fei by Han, Fei; Han, Fei; Goldin, Paul Rakita

By Han, Fei; Han, Fei; Goldin, Paul Rakita

Han Fei, who died in 233 BC, was once one of many fundamental philosophers of China's classical period, a name nonetheless intact regardless of fresh overlook. This edited quantity at the philosopher, his perspectives on politics and philosophy, and the tensions of his relatives with Confucianism (which he derided) is the 1st of its sort in English.Featuring contributions from experts in a variety of disciplines together with non secular experiences and Read more...


Han Fei, who died in 233 BC, was once one of many basic philosophers of China's classical period. This edited quantity examines his existence in addition to his perspectives on politics and philosophy and the tensions of his Read more...

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Introduction: Han Fei and the Han Feizi 21 Watson, Burton, Trans. 1964. Han Fei Tzu: Basic writings. New York: Columbia University Press. ) Wu, Yujiang 吳毓江. 1993. Mozi, with collations and commentary 墨子校注, ed. Sun Qizhi 孫啟 治. Beijing: Zhonghua. Xu, Yuangao 徐元誥. 2002. Speeches of the states, with collected explications 國語集解, ed. Wang Shumin 王樹民 and Shen Changyun 沈長雲. Beijing: Zhonghua. Yang, Bojun 楊伯峻. 1981. The Zuo tradition of the Springs and Autumns, with commentary 春 秋左傳注. Beijing: Zhonghua.

Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. Goldin, Paul R. 2005b. The theme of the primacy of the situation in classical Chinese philosophy and rhetoric. Asia Major 18(2): 1–25. Goldin, Paul R. 2008. Appeals to history in early Chinese philosophy and rhetoric. Journal of Chinese Philosophy 35(1): 79–96. Goldin, Paul R. 2011. Persistent misconceptions about Chinese ‘Legalism’. Journal of Chinese Philosophy 38(1): 64–80. C. 2003. Later Mohist logic, ethics and science, Revised ed. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press.

Attacks and campaigns were waged daily; Blood was shed in the open countryside— This had begun in highest antiquity; Through untold generations, One [rule] followed another down to the Five Thearchs, And no one could prohibit or stop them. Now today, the August Thearch Has unified All-under-Heaven into one family— Warfare will not arise again! 22 This inscription is an excellent testimony to the mindset of Qin leaders in the aftermath of imperial unification. First, it identifies the past, including the age of the paragon Five Thearchs, with persistent debilitating warfare.

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