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Dangerous (Music Book) by Michael Jackson

By Michael Jackson

Книга с текстами песен и нотами к альбому Dangerous.1. Jam2. Why You Wanna journey on Me3. within the Closet4. She Drives Me Wild5. consider the Time6. Cant allow Her Get Away7. Heal the World8. Black or White9. who's It10. provide in to Me11. Will You Be There12. hold the Faith13. long gone Too Soon14. risky

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He must try harder than ever. He knew that he must save his mother if he was to save himself. 33 Chapter 3 HORNBEAM BREAKS THE SILENCE When he had finished praying to Stonegod, Juniper followed Birch past the circle of his family into the dark shadows of the cave. The only light was from a candle that had been placed in a stone holder beside his mother. Next to it was the birdstick that could summon Birdgod to brush his mother with healing feathers. Juniper shrank back. Perhaps they had brought out Birdstick to fight his own badness.

Soon he’d be a new man and make everything for himself: spears, flints, sharp cutting stones, bone tools. Early childhood was over. As he watched Sungod climb up the sky on his long journey he smiled sadly. His childhood had ended a long time ago. When Sungod was at his highest point the music man came up from the river. Round his neck Mema wore a new circle of river pebbles tied with sedge leaves. He pounded the stones with a pointed pebble. It was a sign for everyone to sit round the huge bison that had been laid out on a trellis of tree branches.

Oak lit the lamp and spoke slowly. ’ Juniper described her shape in the air with his hands. ’ Oak smiled. ’ Juniper looked blank. ‘I may be foolish and break rules. ’ ‘Maybe. ’ Oak looked round. ‘You’ve already been very foolish for too many seasons. ’ Oak lit the thin hide wick in the animal fat and a little flame spurted up. ’ He made a wide gesture. ’ ‘That’ll be your downfall,’ said Oak. ‘Changing everything. Think of Lime. He already hates you for winning Rose. ’ They stood up and walked with bent heads to the back of the cave.

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