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Cutting Edge Nanotechnology by Dragica Vasileska (ed.)

By Dragica Vasileska (ed.)

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Yes yes Field Kernel (Poisson Solver) end Fig. 6. Flow-chart of the electro-thermal simulator. Ensemble Monte Carlo Device Simulator Find electron position in a grid:(i,j) Find: TL(i,j)=TA(i,j) and TLO(i,j) TA TLO n vd Te Phonon Energy Balance Equations Solver Select the scattering table with “coordinates”: (TL(i,j)=TLO(i,j)) Generate a random number and choose the scattering mechanism for a given electron energy Fig. 7. Left panel – Exchange of variables between the two kernels. Right panel: Choice of the proper scattering table.

Discussion and Summary The generation of charge trapping in the existing precursor is explained by the strained bond model. The strained bonds exist not only at the SiO2/Si interface but also in the oxide bulk because strain extending 1-3 nm into oxide from SiO2/Si interface has been observed. When a strained Si-O bond in SiO2 is broken by a hydrogen ion under the high-pressure and high-temperature hydrogen anneal, structure is rearranged locally to relax the strain, generating a trivalent silicon and a nonbridging oxygen simultaneously.

One group was implanted by H+ ion with ≤ 60 keV and the other group was implanted by D+ ion with ≤ 80 keV. Ion dose was fixed at 1X1014/cm2 only for hydrogen implant as referential sample, while in case of deuterium implantation the ion dose have a range from 1X1010/cm2 to 1X1016/cm2 to find optimum process condition. Post-annealing was achieved at 400 ℃ for 30 minutes at N2 ambient for the whole devices to activate the injected ions and to annihilate damages due to the implant process. The implantation conditions for each ion were extracted through the computer simulation (TRIM tool).

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