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Consigue el cuerpo que quieres: Descubre la «Fitosofía» y by Fito Florensa

By Fito Florensa

El método de Fito Florensa, el entrenador del Reto de los angeles revista Men’s healthiness, está diseñado especialmente para que tengas el cuerpo que siempre has deseado y, además, para que ganes en salud, energía y vitalidad. los angeles «Fitosofía» es una forma de entender l. a. vida desde una perspectiva deportiva que se basa en marcarse retos, visualizar objetivos, superar los propios límites, mirar siempre hacia adelante y, sobretodo, disfrutar del camino.

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Vou should realize that mv . wavs a re different. · Most authorities would recommend that a beginner train the whole body three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), using a system of3 X 10 sets and reps, working with 8-10 exercises. I belie\·e that a beginner does not need a day of rest between his exercise sessions. He is usually so ambitious and keen to progress that he prefers to train daily (resting on Sundays. e\·en so) . x days a week using one set of each exercise only. The second week I allow him two sets of each exercise.

Remember that this exercise resembles a hugging motion. 2. Short Pulley Row ( Upper Lats and Teres 1\fajor (12 reps) This exercise definitelv broadens the upper back and shoulder area; it is a super upper-lat builder. I am not an advocate of building lower lats that run right down to the waistline. Overdeveloped lower lats ruin a bodybuilder's taper and detract from the overall \'-shape of the back. Start this short, 16-inch (40-cm) pulley row by sitting on the floor, with legs (bent at knees) stretched out in front of you against foot rests (or 2in.

It should not come as a surprise ifl suggest that I m ay indeed know about all aspects ofbodybuilding, not just the advanced , competitive varietY. I still find myself confronted with ad\ising beginners more than I do any other single categor:· of weight tra iner. Does it surprise you that mv advice to the novice differs extensiveh· from the advice generally imparted by gvm O\\"ners and other so-called authorities of iron? It shouldn't. Bv . vou should realize that mv . wavs a re different. · Most authorities would recommend that a beginner train the whole body three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), using a system of3 X 10 sets and reps, working with 8-10 exercises.

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