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Conflict of East And West in Turkey by Halide Edib [Adıvar]

By Halide Edib [Adıvar]

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The essays during this quantity learn the connection among historical fiction within the Greco-Roman international and early Jewish and Christian narratives. they think about how these narratives imitated or exploited conventions of fiction to provide kinds of literature that expressed new principles or formed neighborhood id in the moving social and political climates in their personal societies.

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Of nature. This explains OTTOMAN TUKKS AS STATE-BUILDERS 13 Turks had no experience in state-building. But from their past they had the traditions, the lore and the folk literature which passed from mouth to mouth and on which they brought up their children. These traditions are valuable not only for explaining Otto- man we fifth The Turks became known to history froai the century A. D. onward. The Chinese annals speak but also contemporary Turkish history, so might stop and consider them for a moment.

He at once attracted the attention of the most intellectual and enlightened people, who thronged was and the to his lectures; there movement for better education, Sheikh was appointed a member of the Council of Education by the State. But all this was regarded The Sheikhwith suspicion by the Turkish UJema. teachSheikh's the declared ul-Islam, Fahmi Effendi, quite a lecture in which ing unorthodox. In 1870, after a of social he spoke on the prophets, the atmosduty he left for Egypt. phere became too hot for him and continued Ulema And the teaching in their particular schools after the same old fashion.

But when the West broke the chains of scholasticism and created a new learning and science, the effects of which were to change the face and of religion the world, the Islamic Religious Body failed very badly in its educational function. The Ulema took it for granted that human knowledge had not grown beyond what this it was attitude of system down in mind to the thirteenth century, and persisted in their educational the middle of the last century. complacence of the Ulema in Turkey particularly and in the Moslem world generally had nothing to do with their loyalty to the teachings of ChrisIslam, for scholastic philosophy and theology The tian or Moslem is more or less a Greek, a pagan philo- Hellenic.

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