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Common Skin Diseases in Africa : an Illustrated Guide by Colette van Hees, Ben Naafs

By Colette van Hees, Ben Naafs

This up-to-date, photo-illustrated advisor, which covers Southern, East and West Africa, presents a short and straightforward reference for prognosis and administration of universal dermis ailments, together with leprosy. dermis illness is frequently ignored as a trivial situation but if care is taken to make the right kind prognosis and institute the correct therapy, the administration of epidermis ailments frequently ends up in nice development and pride for the sufferer and health and wellbeing care paintings alike. Required remedies don't need to be pricey and come in the neighborhood. in lots of instances dermis disorder might be a trademark of alternative difficulties, rather if prompted through concommitant HIV an infection. The frequent creation of antiretroviral therapy (ARV) has ended in particular pores and skin issues because of immune reconstitution syndrome (IRIS), as a result right prognosis and therapy provision are vital concerns handled during this consultant.

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54. Chickenpox in a 10 year old boy. HERPES ZOSTER Herpes zoster or shingles is the recrudescence of a latent varicella-zoster infection in the partially immune host. After a short period of itch, tenderness or pain along one or occasionally several dermatomes on one side of the body papules and plaques appear which quickly change into blisters. Most often thoracic and cervical dermatomes are affected. If the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve is involved a keratoconjunctivitis may develop and can lead to blindness.

Nerves may be tender. Sometimes arthritis occurs, or lymphadenitis, orchitis may be encountered as well as iridocyclitis and glaucoma which can lead to blindness. Organs may be involved separately or simultaneously. Ulceration and deformity Ulceration is secondary to the loss of protective sensation. The patient feels no heat, pressure or pain. Skin trauma is not felt and easily neglected. The risk of damage increases when there is loss of muscle strength (claw hand, drop foot). Ulceration may lead to cellulitis or deep infections, osteomyelitis and consequently to loss of digits.

They are found at any age but are most common in teenagers. They can spread by contact or auto-inoculation. The infected person’s immune system clears the warts within 2 years in 2/3 of cases so treatment is often unnecessary. Treatment results vary greatly. In some people there is instant success, in others it may take many months or have no success at all. In immunodeficiency warts may spread quickly and fulminantly and become extremely difficult to treat. Management of common warts - Keratolytic therapy with salicylic acid 25% ointment twice daily followed by cutting or scraping the warts with a pumice stone, callus file or a knife twice a week.

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