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Colonialism and Neocolonialism by Jean-Paul Sartre

By Jean-Paul Sartre

Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism is a vintage critique of France's rules in Algeria within the Nineteen Fifties and Nineteen Sixties and encouraged a lot next writing on colonialism, post-colonialism, politics, and literature. It contains Sartre's celebrated preface to Fanon's vintage Wretched of the Earth. Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism had a profound influence on French highbrow lifestyles, inspiring many different influential French thinkers and critics of colonialism akin to Jean-Francois Lyotard, Frantz Fanon, Pierre Bourdieu and Jacques Derrida.

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This is colonialism, which they embody, turning against neocolonialism to rid it of its dangerous consequences. Third, it is left dormant with the complicity of the administration. The provision of the Martin law, in compensation for the added value given to their Colonialism is a System* 17 land by irrigation, was that the colonists would cede some parcels of land to the State. The State would have sold these parcels to Algerians who would have been allowed 25 years to pay off their debts. So you see, it was a modest reform; it was quite simply a question of selling back to a few chosen natives a tiny part of the land that had been stolen from their parents.

Now open the album. Children and youths are massed along the path of the victors; they are amused, curious; calm, they cross their arms and watch. Where is the victory? Where is the terror? Here is the first communist soldier seen in Shanghai since the beginning of the civil war. He is a little man with a dark, handsome face, who is carrying his equipment on the end of a stick, like our old soldiers when they came back from the war. This exhausted little man, these young spectators: you might think that you were at the finish of a running race.

Translated into family budgets, that means it is impossible – for most families – to limit their spending on food. Food takes up all their money; there is nothing left for clothing, housing, buying seed or tools. And the only reason for this increasing pauperization is that the wonderful colonial agriculture has settled like a canker at the very heart of the country and eats away at everything. Third, concentration of land ownership leads to the mechanization of agriculture. Mainland France is delighted to sell its tractors to the colonists.

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