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Chomsky's Universal Grammar: An Introduction, 3rd Edition by Vivian J. Cook, Mark Newson

By Vivian J. Cook, Mark Newson

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Foley 1986:148 for Kiwai, a Papuan language). 74 A typical pluractional will have other uses apart from the temporal ones. To summarize, iterative cases require caution since iterativity can have several distinct sources: pluractionality, iterative Aktionsart and imperfective aspect. In other words, these three phenomena are distinct from each other, yet they can lead to a similar result in certain cases. 6. Durative readings The final issue to be dealt with within the pluractionality vs. aspect discussion is the issue of durative/ continuous readings.

In Papago (cf. ). 4. 76 Houser et al. (2006:3,7). 77 Similar readings can also arise as a result of modification by degree expressions, which is an issue to be discussed in the next subsection. WP ‘The baby whined for five minutes’ [Chechen]78 If the whining lasts longer than just a moment, the pluractional has to be used. The data are quite surprising from the point of view of English, where whine is an activity verb and as such compatible with durative adverbials. However, in Chechen, the nonpluractional verb can refer only to an instantaneous event and to express a duration the pluractional form has to be used.

When combined with an abstract noun, as in (34c), on the other hand, the change in the interpretation is on the qualitative, rather than quantitative scale, resembling the cases in which hodně combines with certain adjectives (34d). (34) a. hodně ponožek ‘a lot of socks’ b. hodně pudinku ‘a lot of pudding’ c. hodně lásky ‘a lot of love’ d. hodně intuitivní ‘very intuitive’ [Czech] Hodně can combine with verbal predicates as well. Again, the interpretation depends on the type of predicate. With gradable verbs like (35a), the increase is on the scale of intensity.

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