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China by Susan Sinnott

By Susan Sinnott

Describes the historical past, geography, govt, economics, and other people of China.

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The audience often shouts back to the performers, especially when their favorite character, the Monkey King, takes the stage. Students at the Central School of Beijing Opera in Beijing Page 34 A Chinese chef makes noodles by hand. Page 35 Food in China Food is an important part of Chinese life. When Chinese people eat meals together, they sit close to one another at a low table. A meal never begins until everyone is seated. The oldest are served first. Everyone eats with chopsticks. Mandarin, Szechwan, and Cantonese are the main kinds of Chinese food, and they are all favorites around the world.

If you visit China, you will learn more about this huge and interesting country. Then as you leave, you will probably say, ''Xie xie! Thank you! " Page 44 Glossary ancientvery old calligraphythe art of painting or drawing Chinese characters with ink charactersletters written as tiny pictures Communisma political system in which the government owns almost everything dialectsvariations in a language merchanta trader Did You Know? The Chinese have made kites out of bamboo and paper or silk for thousands of years.

Marco Polo worked for Kublai Khan's government for seventeen years. The Mongols were forced out of China in 1368. Page 19 Opening Its Doors In the centuries that followed, China opened its doors to the rest of the world only a crack. And it often slammed those doors shut again. The last Chinese emperor gave up his throne in 1912. For the first time, the Chinese people elected their own government. But then, in 1949, a new government that forced people to support Communism took over. Communism is a political system in which the government owns almost everything.

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