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Chemistry of Precious Metals by S. A. Cotton, Simon A. Cotton

By S. A. Cotton, Simon A. Cotton

This e-book is a unmarried quantity remedy of the descriptive inorganic and coordination chemistry of silver, gold and the six platinum metals -- including the organometallic chemistry of -bonded compounds in general oxidation states. It presents details on `essential' binary compounds and complexes of those parts, resembling oxides, halides, aqua complexes, amines and tertiary phosphine complexes, highlighting key parts of research. The reference checklist, containing over 1600 entries, is meant to provide key references (particularly to structures), either to the hot literature and to suitable older paintings. Literature assurance extends to Spring 1996. A targeted resource of data for chemists at graduate and examine point, this quantity is additionally compatible as a instructing source for complex undergraduates.

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47 Reactions of Ru(NO)2 (PPh3 )2. 48 The trigonal bipyramidal structure of RuH(NO)(PPh3 )3. 48) [127]. Thionitrosyls A few thionitrosyl complexes have been synthesized. MO calculations suggest that NS is a superior cr-donor and 7r-acceptor to NO [128]. 729 A). 6 Porphyrin complexes Porphyrin complexes have been the most intensively studied macrocyclic complexes of these metals [129]. They are formed in a wide range of oxidation states (II-VI) and they are, therefore, treated together under this heading, though most of the chemistry for ruthenium lies in the II-IV states.

Ru(NO)(PPh3)2Cl3 gives rise to two interesting (Ru(NO)}8 complexes. 2) [124]. 45) [125]. 051 cis. 44 The three isomers of Ru(NO)(PR3 )2X3. 45 The structure of [Ru(NO)2Cl(PPh3)2]+ showing different modes of nitrosyl coordination. 46 A scrambling mechanism envisaged for the interconversion of the metal-nitrosyl linkages in [Ru(NO)2Cl(PPh3 )2]+. 46). Ru(NO)2(PPh3)2 has a similar electronic structure to the [M(NO)2(PPh3)2]+ (M = Rh, Ir) ions and like them has a pseudo tetrahedral structure with linear Ru-N-O [126].

43 The 6-coordinate nitrosyl Ru(NO)(S2CNEt2)3. Cases are known where electrophilic attack occurs at nitrite [118] RuCl(NO2)(bipy)2 + 2H+ -> RuCl(NO) (bipy)|+ + H2O The NO ligand is usually regarded as a good RuCl(NO2)L2 + H2O (L = bipy or diars) Complexes of chelating ligands like ethylenediamine (en) and diethylenetriamine (dien) can be made [119]: [RuX5(NO)]2" Len2 HC1 ' pH 6 heat ) mer-RuX3(en)NO (X = Cl, Br, I) Some of the/aoisomer was obtained for X = Cl.

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