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Carbon Chemistry (Essential Chemistry) by Krista West

By Krista West

Krista West describes how carbon is a necessary aspect for all times on the earth, the way it is located in daily life, and what's being performed to offset the elevated carbon emissions.

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Smoke is made mostly of tiny particles of carbon. When a forest or any other fuel source burns, some of the carbon contained in the trees, plants, and organic matter is converted to carbon dioxide (CO2), but some is transformed into airborne carbon, or smoke. While naturally-occurring forest fires have served as a crucial component of the carbon cycle by moving carbon back into Earth’s atmosphere, the extra carbon unloaded by vast, human-made fires for land-clearing purposes puts this process into overdrive.

The pH is a measure of hydrogen ion (H+) concentration in a liquid. When carbon dioxide combines with hydrogen, it changes the amounts of hydrogen ions in the water and alters the pH. In a way, the oceans are carbon’s temporary resting place during the carbon cycle. Carbon atoms can stay in the oceans for several hundred years before returning to the atmosphere and continuing through the carbon cycle. ind48 48 10/21/08 2:33:42 PM The Carbon Cycle 49 How Carbon Enters the Oceans Carbon dioxide mainly enters the oceans from the atmosphere.

This is made possible by a substance called insulin, which is made by the pancreas. Insulin is a hormone, a substance that is secreted directly into the blood and that acts only on specific target tissues. Without insulin, glucose produced by the digestion of food remains in the blood and is excreted from the body by the kidneys. This is what happens in people with untreated diabetes. Not everyone who has diabetes suffers from a shortage of insulin. Sometimes the body produces enough insulin, but the cells have become insensitive to it, causing the glucose to remain in the blood.

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