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Brill's Companion to Sophocles (Brill's Companions in by Andreas Markantonatos

By Andreas Markantonatos

It's a few man in Greece.

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55. For further examples, see Schmid/Stählin 318n3. 52 Soph. Ant. 905–912; Hdt. 3–4. 53 Oxenford (1901) 227–228. 54 Arist. Rh. 9. On the intertexuality between Sophocles’ Antigone and Herodotus’ Histories, see West (1999) 129–132 and Dewald/Kitzinger (2006) with bibliography. biography 29 Sophocles, no doubt, expected his audience to recall Herodotus’ wife of Itaphernes, but to what purpose resists closure among modern readers. 55 Their appointment came as a reaction to the defeat in Sicily in the Autumn of 413bc.

Their Sophocles is a culture hero whose actions changed the world by bringing tragedy to fruition. Unlike Aeschylus and Euripides, Sophocles did not seek the patronage of foreign rulers, but instead spent his career in Athens. Out of this grew the 62 Arist. Poet. 1449a15; Vit. Soph. 4; Diog. Laert. 56. Arist. Poet. 1449a; Schol. Ar. Nub. 1266 and Ra. 791; Vit. Soph. 4, 6; Pickard-Cambridge (19682) 93. 64 Fairweather (1974) 264. 65 Diog. Laert. 48. 66 Arist. Poet. 1449a15. 67 Vit. Soph. 23. 68 Suda sigma 815; Pickard-Cambridge (19682) 81n3; Tyrrell (2006) 165.

1. 41 For the Samian War, see Thuc. 115–117; Plut. Per. 25–28; Lewis (1992) 143–145. 39 biography 27 Sophocles accomplished nothing significant militarily. 43 Melissus, a philosopher and general of the Samians, persuaded the Samians to engage the Athenian fleet. 44 Sophocles could have been weathering the blockade off Samos and found himself in battle. More likely, however, the biographers, knowing the name of no other general than that of the absent Pericles, assigned the defeat to him. Thus they gained the contest of two famous wise men, the philosopher and the tragedian.

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