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Bound by a Promise by Diana Palmer

By Diana Palmer

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But she had nothing, and he could force her to go easily enough. She got up from the stump without another word, brushing off her blue denim jeans. With a sigh of resignation, she started back toward Maude’s luxurious beach house. ” he growled after her. “Amelia Earhart,” she replied carelessly. “ Do keep your eyes peeled for my plane, I seem to have misplaced it,” she added, and kept right on walking. Behind her, she imagined she heard the deep sound of a man’s laughter. Maude was waiting for her in the sprawling living room, her bags packed, her thin face nervous.

What if he’d been hurt worse than she thought? It was a hard knock, and a lot of blood…what if he died? She felt panic like a sick lump lodge deep in her throat. If he died, she’d be guilty of murder! But if she gave herself in, and he wasn’t badly hurt at all? What if he hadn’t known it was she who hurt him, wouldn’t he prosecute her without hesitation, knowing how reckless she’d already been with the boat? And if she was in jail, there’d be no way to help her father out of debt! Her mind flashed with activity.

Will explain in letter. Stop. ” Kate thanked the operator and hung up, feeling lost and alone and afraid. Did she dare go home and expose her father to the possible consequences of her actions? He had a bad heart, and any shock could cost him his life. What if Garet Cambridge came looking for her and had her prosecuted, could her father bear the shock when he learned what his daughter had done? He’d raised her to care about other people, to be responsible for herself. Was the way she was acting responsible?

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