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Bliss Kiss by Sarah Salari

By Sarah Salari

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Larceny and Old Lace: A Den of Antiquity Mystery

For Whom The Bell Pulls Tolls As proprietor of the Den of Antiquity, lately divorced(but by no means sour! ) Abigail Timberlake is conversant in delving into the earlier, trying to find losttreasures, and navigating the cutthroat international of rival buyers at flea marketsand auctions. nonetheless, she by no means suggestion she'd be placing her services in mayhemand detection to different use -- till crotchety "junque" broker, Abby's aunt Eulonia Wiggins, was once stumbled on murdered!

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The high-low assault she was putting herself through began to crest and, against her own will, she cried out, surprising herself by the name that tumbled out. "Oh! " she cried, her voice ringing in the echo-chamber that was the shower room. It was enough to send her over the edge and her muscles began to shiver and contract, shiver and contract. Her thighs clamped tight and her fingers seemed to be sucked into her pussy as she involuntarily trapped them. " Jaz shouted, and then her legs grew weak, unstable, and she had to lean against the wall to keep from collapsing.

The tender folds of flesh were slick velvet against her palm, and she could feel each crease, fold, and crevice, from the nub of her roommate's clitoris to the slight seam where she knew the interior of her roommate's cunt awaited. " Kara smiled at that and let go of Jaz's hand. She pulled her hand back, unsure what to do with it, realizing that Kara's lips had been moist when she touched them. While her roommate had just showered, she also seemed to have dried herself thoroughly. She was wet from something else.

Sorry for the attitude, and the swearing, and practically flashing you here. " "Don't worry about it, Kara," Jaz said. " "Do you have any? " "I did," Jaz said. "But I have some bottled water chilling in the mini-fridge. " "Thanks," Kara said. ~ * ~ * ~ As it turned out, Kara had three more loads of boxes and garbage-bags stuffed with clothes and such packed into her decade-old Chevy. Jaz did most of the heavy lifting, since Kara was walking with a limp, but within about ninety minutes they had everything hauled up to the dorm room, and somewhat organized.

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