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Big Activity Book: 95 Worksheets for English Lessons by Matt Purland

By Matt Purland

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5) A piece of ______________. 23) A handful of ____________. 6) A bottle of ______________. 24) A carton of ____________. 7) A pint of ______________. 25) A box of ______________. 8) A litre of ______________. 26) A can of ______________. 9) A bag of ______________. 27) A gallon of _____________. 10) A packet of ____________. 28) A pool of ______________. 11) A ball of ______________. 29) A barrel of _____________. 12) A jar of ______________. 30) A jug of ______________. 13) A lot of ______________.

Have you seen my keys? a) It’s in the kitchen next to the radio. b) It’s on the kitchen table. c) They’re in the kitchen with the radio. d) They’re on the kitchen table. 10. You’re too late – the train’s just gone! a) Oh no! b) Oh yes! c) Where? d) What time is it? com now! big activity book  English Banana 2004 51. com Test Your Reading Skills Any Answers 5 Put a circle around the letter of the best answer to each question or comment below: 1. How old are you? a) One hundred and eighty. b) I’m young.

Com now! big activity book  English Banana 2004 41. com Test Your Spelling Skills A Letter to Aunt Monica See if you can find all the spelling and punctuation mistakes in Sandy’s letter: 25th september 2004 cardiff, uK Dear aunt Monica Thank you very much fo your letter. It was greet to get a letter from you. I am really enjoying University life. i have made some good fiends allready – expecially helen and marcus. Helen is form Manchester and Marcus comes from liverpool. His accent is reelly wierd.

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