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Battling Malaria: On the Front Lines Against a Global Killer by Connie Goldsmith

By Connie Goldsmith

Each year, greater than 350 million humans all over the world are contaminated with malaria. This booklet takes a better examine the socio-political purposes for the unfold of the sickness and whats being performed to deal with it. Case stories of sufferers and medical examiners within the box provide an up-close view of the issues and recommendations.

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That chemical is what makes mosquito bites so itchy and irritating. Next, the mosquito inserts her proboscis into a small blood vessel. She settles down to feed on the moving blood. It takes about ten minutes for the mosquito to eat her fill. And it takes a lot to fill her up. A mosquito takes in two to three times her body weight in blood with each feeding. That’s like you chugging down a bathtub full of orange juice. This Anopheles mosquito takes in blood from a human. 57 After feeding, the mosquito must rest while she digests the blood and her eggs develop.

The malaria parasite in Cameroon is resistant to chloroquine. And you can give a little kid only so much medicine. “When I came down with malaria I got extremely weak and had really bad muscle aches,” Nathalie says. “I’d get a high fever and would shiver from the cold, even though the weather was very hot. ” Nathalie remembers being in the hospital a few times. “The pills were too big for my mouth, and they were very, very bitter. Sometimes they gave me syrup that was even worse. The nurses dripped fluids into my veins and that helped me get better a lot faster.

When people with one disease seek medical care, they should be tested for the other disease. This testing helps ensure that people get early diagnosis and treatment. People with dual infection also need treatment by specialists, who know how to prevent harmful reactions between malaria and HIV drugs. 43 business. ” 44 a Disease of Poverty How and Who Most people get malaria from the bite of infected mosquitoes. But mosquito bites are not the only way to get malaria. The parasite can pass from an infected person to a healthy one through dirty hypodermic needles.

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