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Basic Writings of Nietzsche (Modern Library Classics) by Friedrich Nietzsche

By Friedrich Nietzsche

100 years after his dying, Friedrich Nietzsche is still the main influential thinker of the fashionable period. simple Writings of Nietzsche gathers the full texts of 5 of Nietzsche's most crucial works, from his first ebook to his final: The start of Tragedy; past sturdy and Evil; at the family tree of Morals; The Case of Wagner; and Ecce Homo. Edited and translated via the good Nietzsche pupil Walter Kaufmann, this quantity offers a definitive consultant to the whole variety of Nietzsche's thought.

Included are also seventy-five aphorisms, choices from Nietzsche's correspondence, and versions from drafts for Ecce Homo.

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Yet even in the less than angrily controversial domains, Nietzsche’s work has been at the mercy of ideologists of all stripes. What is Nietzsche’s evidence for women’s presumed inferiority? What is the reason for his anti-Christian bent? What kind of elite is he calling for? Beyond that, when it comes to the theory of knowledge, is he an absolute skeptic? Do his generalizations about nations support racism? Why does he do his utmost to distance himself from the Germany of his time? And what of Wagner, first his friend and then his enemy?

He translated all of the books by Nietzsche listed in the biographical note above. He died in 1980. Contents INTRODUCTION BY PETER GAY A NOTE ON THIS EDITION INTRODUCTION BY THE EDITOR ACKNOWLEDGMENTS BASIC WRITINGS OF NIETZSCHE THE BIRTH OF TRAGEDY Dedication Contents Chapter 1 - Translator’s Introduction Seventy-Five Aphorisms from Five Volumes Contents Chapter 1 - Human, All-Too-Human (1878) BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL Dedication Contents Translator’s Preface Preface Contents Part One - On the Prejudices of Philosophers Part Two - The Free Spirit Part Three - What is Religious Part Four - Epigrams and Interludes Part Five - Natural History of Morals Part Six - We Scholars Part Seven - Our Virtues Part Eight - Peoples and Fatherlands Part Nine - What is Noble From High Mountains: Aftersong ON THE GENEALOGY OF MORALS Contents Editor’s Introduction Preface Chapter 1 - First Essay: “Good and Evil,” “Good and Bad” Chapter 2 - Second Essay: “Guilt,” “Bad Conscience,” and the Like Chapter 3 - Third Essay: What Is the Meaning of Ascetic Ideals?

Two quotations may show this: “I have emphasized this example because it may serve you as a sample at the outset of the manner in which throughout this pasquinade ignorance, the art of eager slander, and speculative reliance on the blind prejudices of the general reader are woven together into an attractive whole” (p. 10). “… really no more similar than an ape is to Heracles—indeed, even less; about as similar as our Dr. phil. von Wilamowitz is to the type of the ‘Socratic man’ whom our friend [Nietzsche] designates as the ‘noblest opponent’ of an artistic culture, although our Dr.

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