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Bad Intentions by Karin Fossum

By Karin Fossum

Within the wake of Stieg Larsson’s best-selling novels, readers are gaining knowledge of the wealthy trove of contemporary Scandinavian crime fiction. If you’ve wolfed the Millennium trilogy and are trying to find your subsequent learn, Karin Fossum and her bone-chillingly bleak mental thrillers have gained the admiration of the likes of Ruth Rendell and Colin Dexter (of Inspector Morse fame).  In undesirable Intentions, the latest installment within the Inspector Sejer sequence because the Water’s aspect in 2009, Konrad Sejer needs to face down his thoughts and fears as he struggles to figure out why the corpses of afflicted younger males maintain surfacing in neighborhood lakes.  the 1st sufferer, Jon Moreno, used to be recuperating. His psychiatrist stated so, and so did his new good friend on the medical institution, Molly Gram, along with her little-girl-lost seems to be. He used to be racked via a mysterious guilt that had pushed him to a fearful breakdown 365 days prior. but if he drowns in lifeless Water Lake, Sejer hesitates to name it a suicide.  Then one other corpse is located in a lake, a Vietnamese immigrant. And Sejer starts off to suppose his age weigh on him. Does he nonetheless have the energy to pursue the elusive reasons for human evil?

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Axel hesitated. "Jon was quite helpless," he said. "What can I say? He was at the mercy of reality. No shield. " Sejer asked. Axel looked to Reilly for support, but he had lowered his head so that his long hair concealed his face like a curtain. "You had better ask at the hospital," Axel suggested. "Ask his doctor. " "I will talk to his doctor," Sejer said, "but I also need to ask his best friends. You were close, weren't you? " "Ladegården Hospital. Jon told stories from the ward. " "He didn't have a choice," Axel said.

You're finding this all very convenient, aren't you? " Axel clenched his teeth. "I think you should watch your mouth," he hissed. "I've noticed how you look at him sometimes," Reilly said. "I think Jon found you intimidating. " "Your imagination is playing tricks on you," Axel said. "No more drugs now, they mess with your mind. " They sat in silence for a while. " Reilly said. " Axel got up and started wandering around the room. " "But we were spectators. And we'll have to talk to his mom. She'll ask all sorts of questions.

Ingerid. Listen to me. " Ingerid Moreno nodded and wiped away her tears. Reilly remained in his seat without saying anything. Ingerid did not appear to see him. She was caught in the light which always surrounded Axel. If Axel could act so convincingly, with such apparent sincerity, how often had he himself been deceived? What was the basis of their friendship? Was it all just one big lie, a star performance? "You must come and visit me sometime," Ingerid pleaded. "We need to talk. " "We'll come," Axel said.

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