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Babylonian Life and History by Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge

By Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge

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Method of reckoning time in use among the Babylonians. The eponym canon. Sir H. Rawlinsoris discovery. C. 1330, caused his inscription to be dated. Contract tablets. Extractfrom eponym canon. The Assyrians kept a strict account events. the of Image of Babylonians made their calculations by the help of astronomy. Nabonidtts mentions JVaram-Sin> who reigned 3200 years before his time. , B. C. 3800. Extract from inscription of Nabonidus. Legend about Sargon. Babylonian kings goddess Nana. Naram-Sin, Ur-Bagas^ Dungi^ Ismi-Dagan, Libit-Istar, and others.

58 Simmas-Sihu the son of Iriba-Sin, next (or Sipak), The Elamites pillaged reigned for seventeen years. His suc mischief. did and his in great reign, Sippara son of cessor was Ea-mukin-ziri, Kutmar,^ who^ reigned Next came Kassu-nadin-ahi, son of for three months. six years, and after him E-UlbarSappai, who ruled for He reigned for fifteen years, his Bazi. of son sakin-sumi, brother Ninip-kudurri-usur reigned for two years, and another brother, whose name is uncertain, for three months. An Elamite dynasty then assumed the govern ment of the country for six years.

Iii. i. Jer. xiii. 4, 5, 7 ; xlvi. 2, 6. 38 BABYLONIAN LIFE AND HISTORY. This name is probably the same as the Accad of Gen. x. 10; it means according to some the fire crown/ and may perhaps refer to the sun-god worship. It has been recently shown that the correct reading of the cuneiform sign for Akkad is Uru, and I think that there is no doubt that this is the Ur from which Abraham came. The temple of Anunit which existed in the city was built by a king called Sagar-ak-ti-as, and was called E-ul-bar.

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