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Art - A History of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture vol.1 by FREDERICK HARTT


The main finished and best-illustrated creation to Western artwork, the 2 volumes of artwork: A background of portray, Sculpture, And structure. Its writer, Professor Frederick Hartt, is a very proficient instructor. He conjures up where and time during which each one nice civilization flourished, and exhibits how person artistic endeavors exhibit it. quantity I starts off with the previous Stone Age and follows mankinds inventive improvement during the finish of the center a long time. Its 3 significant parts—Art prior to Writing, the traditional international, and the center Ages—examine the portray, sculpture, and structure of greater than twenty civilizations. the humanities of historic Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Islamic international are studied intimately, as are these of the Early Christian and Early Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic eras.

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The unchanging order of the natural world was personified by a complex and often changing pantheon of fertile silt brought from central Africa. bon between the barren rocky or sandy wastes of the Libyan Desert to the west and the Arabian Desert to the east. During the fourth millennium b C, the valley was inhabited by a long-headed, brownskinned ethnic group, drama rhythmically repeated according apparently of African origin, while the Nile delta to the nature. By these deities the pharaoh vvas believed to have north was the home of a round-skulled people originally from Asia.

These are the earliest known columns, and apparently Imhotep did not entirely trust them to bear so great a weight, because he attached them to projecting walls that do most of the work. But the essentials of the Classical column shaft, capital, and base are already here. the capitals appear to be formalized — — ^^^Mb^Mb^b*A*'*AA'k****A'MhA*d«««a«««aMM*««MtA«Ai 51. O^ Plan of the Funerary Complex of King Zoser, Saqqara ^F^F*^fc« 52. Model of the Funerary Similar plant forms of the greatest elegance appear throughout the architecture of the courtyards, in which stood statues of the king and his family, including a known, of which only fragments But one splendid seated lifesize statue of Zoser in Complex of King tomb robbers, and the original surface paint were intact.

C. Antler, length 4". c. 000 Musee des Antiquites Nalionales. -Germain-en-Lave. France •I' 5. Chamois, from Le length 6. 7. ll-/g". Mas Hall of Bulls. Cave painting, Lascaux (Dordogne). France Wounded c. c. C. Bison Attacking a Man. ( Length of bison 43". x . (Dordogne). France 28 d'Azil (Ariege). France. Antler, Collection Pequart. -Brieuc. France /Art Before Writing A naturalistic. C. from animals represented earliest the bison little a piece of antler strikingly are 4) carved about (fig. D0GME in Dordo^Hi south-central France.

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