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Approaches to Sumerian Literature: Studies in Honour of Stip by Piotr Michalowski, Niek Veldhuis

By Piotr Michalowski, Niek Veldhuis

This quantity, devoted to H.L.J. Vanstiphout on the get together of his retirement from the college of Groningen, July 14th 2006, demonstrates the large number of scholarly techniques to the learn of old Sumerian literature. It comprises contributions by way of Bendt Alster ("Ninurta and the Turtle"), Nicole Brisch ("In compliment of the Kings of Larsa"), A.J. Ferrara ("A Hodgepodge of Snippets"), Alhena Gadotti ("Gilgames, Gudam and the Singer"), W.W. Hallo ("A Sumerian Apocryphon?"), Dina Katz ("Appeals to Utu"), Jacob Klein ("Man and His God"), Piotr Michalowski ("The unusual heritage of Tumal"), Gonzalo Rubio ("Sulgi and the demise of Sumerian"), Niek Veldhuis ("How Did They study Cuneiform?"), and Claus Wilcke ("Die Hymne auf das Heiligtum Kes").

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This would be contrary to all we know about Enki, who always was helpful towards mankind (cf. n. 16). Kramer here refers to the so-called “Babel of tongues” episode of Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta, which was explained very differently by Alster (1973) and subsequently by Vanstiphout (1994). Fortunately, ETCSL has now adopted this interpretation. The point is the opposite of the generally held opinion: Enki unified all mankind by making them address Enlil in one language, that is, in Sumerian.

1991 Contributions to the Sumerian Lexicon. RA 85:1–11. 1997 Proverbs of Ancient Sumer. The World’s Earliest Proverb Collections. Bethesda, Maryland: CDL Press. ” Pp. 35–40 in Riches Hidden in Secret Places. Ancient Near Eastern Studies in Memory of Thorkild Jacobsen, ed. Tzvi Abusch. Winona Lake, Indiana: Eisenbrauns. 2002b Relative construction and case relations in Sumerian. WZKM 92:7–31. 2004 Gudam and the Bull of Heaven. Pp. 21–46 in Assyria and Beyond. Studies Presented to Mogens Trolle Larsen, ed.

It is not even certain whether Rìm-Sîn E describes rituals taking place in a temple. 9 As the argumentation for the ad hoc character was largely based on the attestation of this king’s hymns in only one manuscript each, the existence of the Nippur fragment may force us to reconsider this hypothesis. All of the praise songs share at least one motif, a description of the king fulfilling his cultic duties. 10 To my mind, this is a significant factor that has so far been neglected in the attempts to understand these complex and difficult poems.

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