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Angelopolis by Danielle Trussoni

By Danielle Trussoni

"A lovely follow-up to the best-seller Angelology. . . half old novel, myth, love tale, mystery, and secret. . . it is a must-read."
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A New York Times bestseller and worldwide sensation, Angelology unfurled a super tapestry of delusion and biblical lore on our present-day international and plunged star-crossed heroes into an historical conflict opposed to mankind’s maximum enemy: the fatally beautiful angel-human hybrids referred to as the Nephilim. With Angelopolis, the clash deepens into an inferno of probability and keenness unbound.

A decade has handed considering that Verlaine observed Evangeline alight from the Brooklyn Bridge, the sight of her new wings a betrayal that haunts him nonetheless. Now an elite angel hunter for the Society of Angelology, he pursues his challenge with single-minded devotion: to trap, imprison, and put off her kind.

But whilst Evangeline all of sudden seems to be on a twilit Paris road, Verlaine reveals her nature to be not like any of the opposite creatures he so mercilessly pursues, casting him right into a spiral of doubt and confusion that merely grows whilst she is kidnapped prior to his eyes via a creature who has crowned the society’s most-wanted checklist for greater than a century. the consequent chase drives Verlaine and his fellow angelologists from the shadows of the Eiffel Tower to the palaces of St. Petersburg and deep into the provinces of Siberia and the Black beach, the place the reality of Evangeline’s origins—as good as forces which may fix or annihilate them all—lie in wait.

Conceived opposed to an superb clean tableau of historical past and technological know-how, Angelopolis plumbs Russia’s imperial previous, smooth genetics, and historic depictions of that the majority powerful angelic appearance—the Annunciation of Gabriel—in a high-octane story of abduction, treasure looking, and divine struggle because the destiny of humanity once more hangs within the stability.

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"A gorgeous follow-up to the best-seller Angelology. . . half historic novel, myth, love tale, mystery, and secret. . . it is a must-read. "—Booklist (starred review) A manhattan occasions bestseller and worldwide sensation, Angelology unfurled an excellent tapestry of fable and biblical lore on our present-day international and plunged star-crossed heroes into an historic conflict opposed to mankind’s maximum enemy: the fatally beautiful angel-human hybrids often called the Nephilim.

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Although Bruno couldn’t see beyond the creature, he was sure—from the belligerent stance and the extended wings —that it was preparing to attack. He was certain that an Emim attack had just occurred at the Eiffel Tower. Given the proximity of the passage, there was a good chance that he’d found the killer. He pulled out his smartphone, snapped a series of photographs of the angel, and, after logging onto the society’s encrypted network, sent the images for identification. A series of Emim profiles popped onto the screen, but there was only one that interested him.

Going solo against a creature like Eno is suicide,” Bruno said, gasping for breath as he pulled himself over the ledge. ” Verlaine noted the hesitation in Bruno’s movements and the self-conscious way he spoke, and strained to imagine what sort of connection to Eno could provoke this reaction in his boss. Veraline turned to the two angels facing off at the center of the rooftop. ” Verlaine stared at Evangeline and Eno for a moment, as if considering their actions with the eye of an anthropologist.

Although the method was meant to simply stun the furcula, the force of the electricity could cause enormous pain. “Don’t shoot,” Verlaine whispered, panic making him feel unsteady as he moved across the slate tiles toward Bruno. “It’s not Evangeline I’m after,” Bruno said under his breath. Eno yanked Evangeline to her feet, wrapped an arm around her waist, and, with a push of her wings, flew into the night. Bruno and Verlaine stood in silence, watching Eno ascend. It seemed to Verlaine that a part of himself was in Eno’s hands, that as she moved farther and farther into the sky, he, too, was beginning to fade away.

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