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Ancient Rome: The Lives of Great Men (Illustrated Edition) by Mary Agnes Hamilton

By Mary Agnes Hamilton

First released in 1922. Mary Agnes Hamilton (1882-1966) used to be Member of Parliament for Blackburn from 1929 to 1931. After leaving Newnham university with an Honours measure she begun educating background and later took up journalism and politics. She wrote a lot of books on various matters all through her life.** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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5. As Tiberius travelled through Italy on his way to the wars in Spain he looked at the condition of the people of his own country, thought of the fortunes of his own soldiers, and was moved to indignation and distress by what he saw. '--the Senate and People of Rome. The senators, he knew, were rich and growing richer. The name of Rome was carried far and wide. But what of the people? ' Tiberius saw and felt. But seeing and feeling were not enough. He determined to act. The land question, the homelessness and poverty of the people, and the army question were, as he saw it, really part of the same.

They had been angry when Tiberius wanted to give farms to the Italians; Caius's plan of giving them votes and thereby a share in the games, cheap corn, and other joys of Roman life, made them far more angry. They despised the Italians and cared nothing for their grievances. Caius could not stir them to any sympathy. The leaders of the Senatorial party realized at once what had happened, and determined to strike. An outbreak of disorder at a meeting at which Caius was speaking gave them their chance.

Rioting, indeed, broke out in the Capitol almost before the sun rose and fighting with sticks and stones between those who wanted Tiberius elected and those who did not. As always happens, many joined in who neither knew nor cared what the trouble was all about. When Tiberius himself appeared he raised his hand to summon his friends to gather round him. ' On this Nasica, a senator who hated Gracchus, demanded that he should be put to death as a traitor. When the consul refused Nasica rushed out with a body of senators and, charging the people who stood round Tiberius, broke through and killed him almost at once (133).

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