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Ancient Civilizations RL. Biographies by Judson Knight

By Judson Knight

Profiles of sixty women and men who formed the traditional civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Israel, China, Asia Minor, and different locations.

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Legends, Monsters, or Serial Murderers? the true tale in the back of an old Crime dispels the interrelated misconceptions that serial homicide is an American crime and a comparatively fresh phenomenon, making the radical argument that serial homicide is a ancient reality—an unrecognized truth in precedent days. famous serial murderers equivalent to the Roman Locuta (The Poisoner); Gilles De Rais of France, a prolific serial killer of kids; Andres Bichel of Bavaria; and chinese language aristocratic serial killer T'zu-Hsi are spotlighted. This publication offers a special point of view that integrates supernatural interpretations of serial killing with the historical past of precise crime, reanimating mythic entities of horror tales and providing them as actual criminals.

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Metaphysics NYPL Picture Collection. Reproduced by permission. 15 The Macedonian philosopher Born in the town of Stagira (stuh-JIE-ruh), Aristotle (AIR-uhs-taht-uhl) was not, strictly speaking, a Greek but a Macedonian. The Macedonians (mas-uh-DOHN-ee-uhnz), who lived to the north of Greece, shared in the Hellenic culture, but they were a rougher, tougher nation than the Greeks. Perhaps this helped influence the later differences between Aristotle and his teacher Plato (PLAY-toh), who was raised in the much more refined world of Athens.

Schulberg, Lucille and the editors of Time-Life Books. Historic India. New York: Time-Life Books, 1968, pp. 72-89. html (accessed on July 7, 1999). King Ashoka: His Edicts and His Times. html (accessed on July 7, 1999). HTM (accessed on July 7, 1999). ” Discover India. htm (accessed on July 7, 1999). D. D. 180 Roman emperor and philosopher [As a child I learned] to bear pain and be content with little, to work with my own hands, to mind my own business, to be slow to listen to slander. R oman history is full of cruel emperors [see sidebar], but the list of distinguished ones is regrettably short.

C. : End of Gupta Empire in India. : End of Toba Wei Dynasty in northern China. : Sassanid Persians gain control over Arabian peninsula. : Establishment of Sui Dynasty, and reunification of China. : Three kingdoms emerge as Korea establishes independence from China. c. : African kingdom of Aksum declines. : End of Sui Dynasty, beginning of T’ang Dynasty, in China. : Mohammed and his followers escape from Mecca (the Hegira); beginning of Muslim calendar. : Founding of Cairo, Egypt. : Muslims conquer Egypt.

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