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An Introduction to The Books of Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther by Archibald Henry Sayce

By Archibald Henry Sayce

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Persia:4. Ariaramnes. S. Arsames. 6. Hystaspes. ' - - _ - . _ _ _ _ ,1 I 7. Cyrus II. 8. Kambyses II. 54 THE AGE ND WORK OF EZRA AND NEHEMIAH. of which were no longer able to offer the same resistance to the enemy that they had done before. C. 514, and Arakha crucified, like the other pretenders who had fallen into the merciless hands of the Persian king. Darius soon afterwards completed the re-conquest of the empire of Cryus and Kambyses by the overthrow of the nomad tribe of Sakians. During all this period of confusion and civil war, Palestine could not have remained unmoved.

Babylon was the largest and most important city the empire contained. It had been the mistress of an extensive empire, it was the head of the richest and most cultured province of the East, and its fortifications were deemed invincible. Naturally, therefore, it became one of the capitals of the new empire, and just as an Assyrian monarch had once made his brother viceroy of Babylonia, so 48 THE AGE AND WORK OF EZRA AND NEHEMIAH. Cyrus endeavoured to flatter the Babylonians by severing them from the rest of the subject provinces, and giving his son the title of their king.

II , 22). C. 336-331). the last king of Persia. He is called • D arius the Persian,' as if the Persian Empire had ceased to exist when the passage was written. It is therefore evident that the book in its present form does not come entirely from the hand of Nehemiah. ~~ fiI:it seven cbapters contain a continuous narrative, written, as is allowed by all critics, by Nehemiah himself. ), the style and language of. l t~at of the ~tlie book. Those who wish to see the evidence for this may refer to the Speak,rs co",~ f'YtLnta,J', where the principal points of difference are given in detail.

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