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Algeria (Africa: Continent in the Balance) by Daniel E Harmon

By Daniel E Harmon

The North African nation of Algeria grew to become self reliant in 1962 after a brutal eight-year-long warfare opposed to France. In 1991 a emerging Islamist circulation within the state ended in a civil warfare that lasted for greater than a decade. this day the combating is over and Algerians try to place the tragedies of the prior at the back of them and rebuild their state.

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Algeria sits on the crossroads of the Atlantic, ecu, Arab, and African worlds. but, in contrast to the wars in Korea and Vietnam, Algeria's struggle for independence has infrequently been seen as a global clash. Even 40 years later, it really is remembered because the scene of a countrywide drama that culminated with Charles de Gaulle's determination to "grant" Algerians their independence regardless of assassination makes an attempt, mutinies, and settler revolt.

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The speed and intensity of the Guedra increase over time, and the dance can last until the dancer collapses in a trance. Of all the dances performed by the blue people, the Guedra is the most important. The Tuareg believe it connects them directly with the spiritual world and protects them from the dangers of their harsh environment. Daily Life and Social Conditions Most Algerians have Arab ancestry and inhabit the cities and towns of the nation’s coastal zone. Since independence Algerian leaders have promoted a general Arabization of the country.

They have made Arabic the official language and affirmed the values and teachings of Islam. To a great extent, this seems to be a reaction against 130 years of French domination. As in other Arab countries, firm family structures are important in Algeria. Family loyalty runs deep, and younger Algerians exhibit respect for their elders. Also as in other Arab countries, Algerian women gradually An Algerian woman wears a traditional veil and a white robe called a haik. Islamic custom requires that women observe modest dress.

3 Government and Foreign Relations AFTER GAINING INDEPENDENCE, Algeria established a socialist state under the Ahmad Ben Bella administration. The socialist form of government is patterned after that of the Soviet Union. In the Soviet Union the government took control over all industry in the hopes of raising efficiency in all sectors. Farms were seized from those who owned them and changed into collective farms. Collective farms were larger than individual farms and could therefore be worked using modern tractors instead of horses and plows.

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