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Šahrestānīhā ī Ērānšahr: A Middle Persian Text on Late by Touraj Daryaee

By Touraj Daryaee

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Read or Download Šahrestānīhā ī Ērānšahr: A Middle Persian Text on Late Antique Geography, Epic, and History : With English and Persian Translations and Commentary (Bibliotheca Iranica: Intellectual Traditions Series) PDF

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Other sources give the location of Kangdiz in Xwarazm and the later source gives am­ ple infonnation about SiyawaxS's death and the mourning rituals of the Sogdians. In the Tarrx f Buxiira, the fonn Ghahndiz appears whjch is a place east of the Jaxartes river (NarSaxI 1363; 32). This seems to be the most plausible location of Kangdiz and as Tavadia had mentioned a long time ago Khang is the Chinese fonn for Samarkand (Tavadia 1926; 883). , diz f royen. -fragand / frazamenid: "Laid/Completed" These verbs are used in the sense of "laying" and "completing" someone else's work.

43) Weh-sabuhr: "Besabuhr" In the Persian tradition the building of Besabuhr is first assigned to the legendary PMdadid kings. Then it was believed to have been destroyed by Alexander the Great and Sabuhr I had rebuilt the city (Fiirsniime 1 363; 63). 44) Gor-ardaxSir-xwarrah: "Gor-ArdaxSIr-Xwarrah" Gar was build by ArdaxSIr at the place where Artabanus IV was defeated in 224 CEo Gar in later tradition came to be known as Feroziibiid. " Commentary 51 45) Humay I cihr azadan: "Humay, the daughter ofCihr Azad" Blochet, Markwart and Orian all have the same reading, Huma the daughter of Cihr Azad, while TafazzolI reads Hormizd for Humay (Ta­ fazzolT 1 983; 336).

Among the confederation of Da­ hae the most important tribe was the Pami. They gave their name to the eastem shores of the Caspian (Dahestan). 18) Kumis: "KiimTs" Qiimis, of which the capital city is Damghiin. This place included Arabic Sahrestanma-T Eran-sahr 40 the Parthian capital of Hecatompyle (city of hundred gates) which is to be identified with Dfunghan and it may be for this reason that the SE assigns the foundation of this place to the Parthians. 15 : BoswOlth 1986; 377). " The reading is based on the modem rendition of bar which stands for the color red and bay, but also grey (Nyberg 1974; 150).

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