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Aerial Plant Surface Microbiology (The Language of Science) by Cindy E. Morris, C. Nguyen-The, P.C. Nicot

By Cindy E. Morris, C. Nguyen-The, P.C. Nicot

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And Sch6nherr, J. 1990, Phase transitions and ther~nal expansion coefficients of plant cuticles: the effect of temperature on structure and function. Planta 182:186-193. Schreiber, L. and Sch6nherr, J. 1992, Leaf surface microflora may significantly affect studies on foliar uptake of chemicals. Bot. Acta 105:345-347. N. and Glotfelty, D. 1988, Critical review of Henry's law constants for pesticides. Rex,. Environ. Contain. Toxicol. 103:1-59. B. 1970, The leaching of substances from plants. Ann.

Sch6nherr, J. W. 1981, Fine structure of cuticles in relation to water permeability: the fine structure of the cuticle of Clivia miniata Reg. leaves. Planta 152:259. , Kunoh, H. L. 1992, Preparation of the infection court of Erysiphe graminis f. sp. hordei: cutinase is a component of the conidial exudate. Physiol. Mol. Plant Pathol. 41:53-59. M. K. 1977, The Properties Of Gases and Liquids. McGraw-Hill, New York. Riederer, M. and Schc3nherr, J. 1984, Accumulation and transport of(2,4-dichlorophenoxy) acetic acid in plant cuticles: I.

1990) coming from tissues and particularly from the extracellular matrix and intercellular air spaces (apoplast). Under natural conditions many factors may cause injury to leaf surfaces: indirectly such as physiological disorders, nutrient and moisture deficiencies, adverse temperatures, poor aeration, deficient light and leaching and directly such as invasion of micro-organisms, attack by insects, wind and air pollution, (Tukey, 1963). Protection against external factors is linked to cuticle resistance and mostly to the epicuticular waxes (wax quantities, composition, structure and arrangement).

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