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Achaemenid Persian Army by Duncan Head

By Duncan Head

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49 Cf• Deut 1:28: 9:1; Num 13:28; Josh 10:2; 14:12; 1 Kgs 4:13. 50Wilhe1m BOree, Die aZten Oz>tsnamen PaZastinas (Leipzig: I 67 66 Eduard Pfeiffer, 1930) 108-109. 51Fisher, "The Temple Quarter, 34-37. Gray, I and II Kings, 381, 507-508. 52Fisher, "The Temple Quarter," 38. 53 Cf• above, 29. 54Fisher, "The Temple Quarter," 37-38. 55 I t should be admitted that the uncertainty of the text here suggests caution. R. B. Y. Scott has suggested, in a private communication to the author, that an alternative explanation of the text could see ,t~ here as a corruption of ~d.

Leiden: E. J. ]' . IlFranz pratorius, (1872) 437. Himyarite occurs in inscriptions scription discussed by "Himjarische or Sabean is from ca. 700 Pratorius is Inschriften," ZDMG XXVI a S. C. D. 550. The innot dated by him. 12Joseph Halevy, Etudes Sabeenes (Paris: Imprimerie nationale, 1875) 159. Cf. also J. H. Mordtmann, Himjarisahe Insahriften (Berlin: W. Spemman, 1893) 2~ and Ed. Ullendorff, "The Contribution of South Semitics to Hebrew Lexicography," VTVI(1956) 196. 13 KB, 701. BDB, 786. 63 64 14 J• M.

Given town. 21 0 In the preexilic period, the inhabitants of Jerusalem are regularly called'the'b~ne Jerusalem I 59 or the b~n~ Zion. , Joel 2 :33; 4 :6; Lam 4:2; and Ps 149:2. Its more common use in earlier literature is in connection with the names of peoples or lands. ," regularly took the place of bOt, "house of," in place names beginning with this element. , called Jehu the "son of Qmri," which meant merely "native of Beth-omri," the official name for Samaria. 2l l In concluding this section on terms designating settlements of a status inferior to that of the city, several terms are yet t~ be mentioned which are used infrequently in the OT to denote small settlements of an impermanent type.

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