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A son of God : the life and philosophy of Akhnaton, King of by Savitri Devi

By Savitri Devi

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Wallis Budge,2 one of the authors who stresses the most the similarity of Aton and Surya, backs his argument with quotations from the Rig-Veda, not from any Mitannian text. The argument, as a result, loses much of its weight. For the idea two different nations have of the same deity is not necessarily the same. And whether the Mitannians borrowed their Surya and their Mithra from India, or whether both they and the Aryans of India, borrowed them from a common source, still it remains to be proved that Surya or Mithra represented, to the Mitannian mind, the same religious conception as that expressed in the Rig-Veda.

Com A SON OF GOD: THE LIFE AND PHILOSOPHY OF AKHNATON, KING OF EGYPT the traditional religion--an instance all the more impressing that here, in that letter, Amenhotep the Fourth is for the first time referred to as "Living in Truth," the motto which he kept to the very end of his reign. 1 From these various data, most authors have inferred that, when he built this first temple to Aton of which history tells us, the king had not yet conceived his religion in its definitive form. This interpretation presupposes that the changing of the king’s name, the abolition of all cults save that of the imageless Aton, the erasure of the name and figure of Amon and the plural word "gods" from every stone, were all unavoidable consequences of the new faith--a translation into action of its essential tenets.

Why was that designation specially chosen to figure in the titulary of the newly-crowned Pharaoh? Why not simply the words "High-priest of Aton"? It may be that the compound name, being of more current use, was considered more suitable in an official document. It may be, also, that the king was already conscious that the real God whom he loved was something more subtle than the visible Sun; the expression "Shu" (heat, or heat and light)2 "which-is-in-the-Disk" rendered the idea of that unknown Reality as adequately as language permitted.

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