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A School Under Trees by Raghu Babu

By Raghu Babu

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Ancient Fiction: The Matrix of Early Christian And Jewish Narrative

The essays during this quantity research the connection among old fiction within the Greco-Roman global and early Jewish and Christian narratives. they think about how these narratives imitated or exploited conventions of fiction to provide types of literature that expressed new principles or formed group identification in the transferring social and political climates in their personal societies.

Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos

Theodosia Throckmorton has her arms complete on the Museum of Legends and Antiquities in London. Her father should be head curator, however it is Theo—and purely Theo—who is ready to see the entire black magic and historic curses that also dangle to the artifacts within the museum. whilst Theo’s mom returns from her newest archaeological dig bearing the center of Egypt—a mythical amulet belonging to an historic tomb—Theo learns that it comes inscribed with a curse so black and vile that it threatens to disintegrate the British Empire from inside of and begin a struggle too negative to visualize.

Gender and Power in Prehispanic Mesoamerica

Gender used to be a fluid capability, now not a set classification, sooner than the Spaniards got here to Mesoamerica. formative years education and formality formed, yet didn't set, grownup gender, that could surround 3rd genders and substitute sexualities in addition to "male" and "female. " on the peak of the vintage interval, Maya rulers provided themselves as embodying the total variety of gender percentages, from male via girl, through donning combined costumes and taking part in female and male roles in kingdom ceremonies.

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The next day, I gave note books and white papers and said, “See, now we are going to prepare a book on PULSE SEEDS AND -PULSELESS SEEDS. So, at first, you all will be divided into two groups, one group has to write your observations on pulse seeds and the other group has to note down their observations on pulse-less seeds. And then every one of you has to write essays on pulse and pulse-less seed plants. And then you have to draw pictures of plants and seed growing.... , “ Children dispersed again and did their job.

Working in the fields, teaching and creation are all not separate entities; but, they are inter-related and intermixed! OBSERVATION OF THE FIELD Maize germinated after eight days. The day, when the sprouts came out of the soil, I gave straight sticks to all the children. I instructed them to fix the sticks besides the sprouts and observe the plant growth everyday. Children daily marked the plant growth with a piece of chalk, on the fixed stick. For the first ten days they observed the pi ant growth regu1ar1y.

Kalyani, a teacher, composed tunes for Jungli’s song, and we all sang it not only during weeding times, even on the roads, everywhere - nearly for two months it chased us in every moment… “Take off weed - O Weed! Occupied the crop - O Weed! Plants don’t get water – O Weed! Plants don’t grow - O Weed! As we know pains - O Weed! Back is paining - O Weed! Loss to the people - O Weed! Weed, Weed don’t grow! ” ——— Vijaya Ravi reflected the life in an ordinary way. “Take off of the weed In the greenery field Come men and women!!

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