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A Roadmap for Formal Property Verification by Pallab Dasgupta

By Pallab Dasgupta

Integrating formal estate verification (FPV) into an latest layout procedure increases a number of fascinating questions. Have I written sufficient houses? Have I written a constant set of homes? What should still I do whilst the FPV software runs into ability concerns? This booklet develops the solutions to those questions and matches them right into a roadmap for formal estate verification – a roadmap that exhibits tips to glue FPV know-how into the conventional validation move. A Roadmap for Formal estate Verification explores the main concerns during this strong expertise via easy examples – you don't want any history on formal tips on how to learn such a lot components of this book.

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The assume directive is used to specify that the property is an assumption. The assert directive is used to specify that the property is an assertion. 2. Both the assume and the assert properties have input and output variables of the module. A common misconception among early users is that assume properties may only use input signals. 3. The assume properties are not bound to any specific assert property. The assume properties express assumptions about the environment behavior regardless of what is expected from the module under test.

R1) [*4] ; endproperty The above property cannot be guaranteed by the arbiter, because it has no control over its input, r1. However if we expect the request pattern to honor 46 2 Languages for Temporal Properties this requirement, then we can treat this property as an assumption on the environment behavior. Under this assumption, the property, NoStarvation, is consistent with P1 and actually expresses the design intent. r1) [*4] ; endproperty AssumeR1IsFair: assume property (FairnessOfr1); property NoStarvation; @(posedge clk) r2 |− > ##[1:$] g2 ; endproperty AssertNoStarvation: assert property (NoStarvation) else $display("Low priority device is starving"); There are several notable points here: 1.

For example, consider the sequence: a ##[1:5] (b||c) ##3 d The sequence matches when we have a followed by b or c after k cycles followed by d after 3 cycles, where k is any integer between 1 and 5. This property is equivalent to the bounded LTL property: a ∧ F[1,5] [ (b ∨ c) ∧ F[3,3] d ] 38 2 Languages for Temporal Properties We can associate a name with sequence expressions and then use them to define other sequences. For example, we can rewrite the previous property as follows. sequence s1; (b||c) ##3 d; endsequence sequence s2; a ##[1:5] s1; endsequence Sequence s2 uses sequence s1.

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