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A Kanarese grammar : with graduated exercises by Harold. Spencer

By Harold. Spencer

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Dat . Gen. Loc. Voc . r3 o4b3rW 0JJ3rWo od3arideM r1owfJ did3rW4a r43dM,0od rijWriM rbdJr1d riJd3ri~ie, ri3dmcltM edrdJrie1J ed;daAw4{ ed;dJriood ed ;dJriM ed ;eJrio ed~3rieio ed ;dJriot' Voc. Plural Nom. Acc. Instr. Dat. Gen. Loc. Voc . Crude Form Singular Nom. Acc. Instr. Dat. Gen. Loc. 16 VOC. y Plural Z Nom. Acc. Instr. Dat. Gen. Loc. Voc. riot vJOriS~od atJOri~r3 ~JOrisI ~JOrie~e~ #30TWt ade~ ~e' M ^'" Note : 8zdJ (neuter) is declined like ed~J : a$~dJ, 8xd4a, 03 0 neuter, are declined and VdJ Aod like Crude Form Nom.

G . e;~~J Ne~u~e ? (is) he a servant? In ~JO~»T~Jc~ 13. T~)aLjd J . the second person, singular or plural, of verbs, the termination ? 14 . rZ)e ui:3Oe ? 15 . ~Uze~ WJJn-@ n zdzaly ej is frequently used instead; as, tJ7-d't3'7c dJSy (WSD ? are you speaking? g . rsz3o3J? did you do this work? As 1 . Does the ascetic live in the forest? Yes, he lives in the the examples show, either elision of a final vowel or insertion forest . 2. I may perhaps see the priest . 3 . The assembly may tapes place on the addition of the of a consonant (0~~ or ;Z6) perhaps meet in the temple .

S. eU ueOM;~pt ? 5. o~~4 J udxn-~ D, rradF~J ri~ a a~m T104-j;d dmt 8. b3k dJ ~~JO~J~Jd wt ~J i~3o3J~Jd 4eP~ ei -&Ori vQaUO=. 9. JJ=0*5 10. e'1 ~Ori~03Jc~Jd 3l;dw ;S orano3Ja rid 0330 u~,4p eriA . 11. e , 2JOdcge ? azJ,~i4Jd ~o~Ne ? 8s vzJ~) . 12. 13. ;Jd* rnMJo6 erudJ~~J. 14. eid~J. eod,BB %e9 ; ZS7co~J~J ~p'~o31~d~3s wzaA (a) e,-4 N~c (b) Translate into Kanarese (expressions in italics to be rendered by crude forms) : 1. Water is obtained by (to) fields, wet lands, and gardens from rain, rivers, and tanks.

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