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A Global History: From Prehistory to the 21st Century by Leften Stavrianos

By Leften Stavrianos

Designed for classes in global historical past and international Civilization, this best-selling, vintage exploration of worldwide historical past takes an interdisciplinary international (rather than a local or nationwide) approach—tracing these significant forces, events, and occasions that experience had a world-wide effect. It stresses connections among the prior, current and destiny, emphasizing the query “What does it suggest for us today?” The Seventh Edition reevaluates the process human background with a watch towards the millennium, reflecting in its assurance the tip of the chilly warfare and the dawning probabilities for a brand new kind of worldwide background.

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Ancient Fiction: The Matrix of Early Christian And Jewish Narrative

The essays during this quantity research the connection among old fiction within the Greco-Roman international and early Jewish and Christian narratives. they think about how these narratives imitated or exploited conventions of fiction to supply sorts of literature that expressed new principles or formed group id in the transferring social and political climates in their personal societies.

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Theodosia Throckmorton has her arms complete on the Museum of Legends and Antiquities in London. Her father can be head curator, however it is Theo—and in basic terms Theo—who is ready to see all of the black magic and old curses that also hold to the artifacts within the museum. while Theo’s mom returns from her most recent archaeological dig bearing the guts of Egypt—a mythical amulet belonging to an old tomb—Theo learns that it comes inscribed with a curse so black and vile that it threatens to fall apart the British Empire from inside and begin a struggle too negative to visualize.

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Nikephoros was defeated and killed in Bulgaria; but how much of this account is owing to literary precedent and a desire to abuse a fallen enemy, and how much actually occurred is very difficult to say. Part of the difficulty is that the cliches of historians and chroniclers are harder to spot than those of the authors of saints' lives. The latter was a literary form created out of a combination of the pattern of the life of Christ decked out in the rhetorical structure of classical panegyric biographies.

In both cases these were barriers that could be surmounted, but equally both represented important factors for division within the landscape of the Near East. Anatolia and Iran have other features in common. They share a harsh climate reminiscent of the steppes, with cold winters and hot summers. The greater size of the Iranian landmass and the consequently greater distance from the moderating influence of the sea makes the climate of Iran more extreme, but the general pattern is the same. Heavy snow makes travel difficult in winter, and the high mountain passes are frequently blocked.

7 AnatoIia and Iran The same constraints apply if a nomad power wishes to move south instead of west, into the next geographical bloc: the plateaux and mountains of Anatolia and Iran. The basic configuration of this bloc is perhaps best understood if one starts from Armenia, the high region of volcanic mountains and small alluvial basins which forms a hub for the mountain systems of the Near East. Armenia is separated from the steppes of the Ukraine and the Volga by the Caucasus mountains, much steeper on the south than the north side, but heavily wooded country, difficult to subdue and crossed by only a limited number of defensible passes.

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