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A Girl's Best Friend by Elizabeth Young

By Elizabeth Young

Canine Are greater Than males They by no means brag approximately their ex's attractive cleavage. they do not moan or sulk if you are a 30 minutes overdue. They by no means let you know a Brazilian would truly flip them on. After her newest catastrophe with the King of the Unrepentant Jerks, Isabel "Izzy" Palmer is ultimately confident that the one male she really wishes in her existence is Henry, her adorable half wolfhound, half who-knows-what. Henry's trustworthy, he adores her madly, and he is nice enjoyable to sleep with. So who wishes the extra heartache? yet even armed with strong wisdom and a brand new get to the bottom of, Izzy begins to consider that wide-spread itch ... and it is all as a result of Nick. he is a vet for goodness sake -- convinced, good-looking and compassionate -- if a section tough round the edges. After teasing her approximately Henry's strange seems to be and wondering her newest selection in males, Nick then has the gall to show midway fascinating. yet he does not cease at midway, and notwithstanding she already has a ally, Izzy realizes it does not prevent her from having an ideal fit, too.

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Since she had dysfunctional parents she hardly ever saw and no siblings, Felicity's friends were her family, and she did worry about them. It was a standing joke that she'd been a mother hen in a previous life, someone had taken her eggs away, and she was still looking for a brood of chicks to cluck over. "And the thing is, it was me who first introduced them," she went on. "At a barbecue back in August, not that she paid much attention to him then. She was too busy chatting up Gordon from the antiques shop, but that died the death after three weeks.

I'd been the perfect, sweetly undemanding, part-time girlfriend. Not anymore. I was bitterly hurt that he couldn't be bothered to remember the dates of something important to me. Probably it had only hit him when I'd dressed up as Emerald. What kind of fool was I going to look now, telling Felicity he couldn't come? While I fumed and seethed, the house phone rang. I told that to go and fuck itself, too; if he thought I was falling for that he'd got another think. Once it stopped I did *69 just to check that it was him, and found it had been Jane.

My mouth suddenly dry, I tried to call him. Nothing. I went cold, as if someone had walked over his grave. I saw Leo, cursing in crawling traffic, his wipers going flat out. " said Ian. " I ordered the sausages, my brain full of nightmare visions. I saw Angie, wondering where on earth he'd got to. I saw two little blond kids in pajamas saying, "Where's Daddy? " I saw a knock at the door, a policewoman on the step… I don't know how long I was in this nightmare but Rob brought me back. "Izzy? " He was waving a hand, trying to "find" me.

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