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A contextual grammar of Acehnese sentences by by Abdul Gani Asyik.

By by Abdul Gani Asyik.

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The discussion on adverbs introduces many forms of adverbs usually found in sentences. Many of them have never been discussed before. ' Chapter 4 discusses the use of pronominal clitics as agreement markers or cross-referencing. Several previous statements both in Asyik (1982a) and in Durie (1985) are reconsidered and some new statements are made. Subject omission is discussed in this chapter. This is relevant here because subject omission in Acehnese is possible due to the 33 presence of pronominal clitics in predicates.

Written data consisted of my previous works, stories from Budiman Sulaiman (1977), Durie (1985), and some hikayats. However, I did not limit myself to using only the data from this field research. They are somewhat limited in forms. They did not contain all forms of sentences. If I had limited myself to these data, many forms of sentences would have been left undescribed. Sometimes I had to use my own sentences. They are natural sentences, the sentences known and used by any native speaker such as myself.

Awaknyan. and their bound forms. Two other subscripts are e x c and ±nc for 'exclusive' and 'inclusive' respectively, which are used for kamoe and geutanvoe and their bound forms. 2 The Use of Pronominal Affixes Pronominal affixes in Acehnese are used for three different purposes: (1) as agreement markers or crossreferencing clitics, (2) as the reduced forms of possessors or possessive endings, and (3) as the reduced forms of objects. [i]. As agreement markers. ) 1. Jih teungoh ii-duek-duek jeh-pat.

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