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356th Fighter Group in WWII

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I lost) (13-3 groulld) (2 lost) 359th: 33 Lille-up Burke, Wood, Brearley, Craig The 356th Fighter Group in World War /I 360th: 361 st: Ogden, Warren, 0' Barr, Wadlow Holm, Wyatt, Holtz, Vossler Engel*. Weber, Peet, Knudsen Krieger, Koczak, Fletcher, Hall Stratford, McLaughlin, Ellingson, Borelli Kress, Walters, L'Heureux, Adams Parker, E. Cook, Vitali, McHale Malmstrom, Decker, Gibson, Jack McDowell, Engelhorn, Bailey, Leyser Montgomery, Parham, Korhorn, Fremaux Hewett, Gansberg, Campbell, Burns Claims Sqll HdQts: Location Col.

Cook, Obosla, Ellingson, Borelli Thorne, Burns, Johnson, Thwaites Strait, Leyser, Korhorn, Yoakum McDowell, Faison, Campbell, Lee May 8 (#110) LtCo!. Waller led a withdrawal support from 1130 to 1424. Landfall came south of Egmond at 1224 with RIV coming northwest of Lingen at 1243. The bombers were taken back to Egmond and left at 1317 then the 359th and 360th swept south while the 361 st swept back to Meppe!. Afterwards, the squadrons crossed out near Egmond at 1325. 359th: 360th: 361 st: 359th: Line-lip White, Lubbers, Ogden, Wyatt Meholic, Knudsen, Peet, Weber Rann, Earnhart, Bradshaw, Vossler Vogt, E.

Tukey led a penetration support from 0820 to 1145. Landfall came at 0922 and since the bombers aborted, the group flew to the Gottingen area. Blue Flight ofthe 360th strafed in the Herford-Bielefeld area and claimed 0-3 locos (all shared by Capt. Kress, and LIs. Walters, L' Heureux, and Perryman) while the 361 stlangled with some Fw 190's in the Dummer Lake-Steinhuder Lake area. Six 190's were downed, but Capt. Sidney H. Hewett and Lt. Jack H. Culp were hit and bailed out. Landfall-out was then by flights south of Egmond from 1030 to 1105.

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