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100 Predictions for the Baby Boom: The Next 50 Years by Cheryl Russell

By Cheryl Russell

Without the child increase, the us will be a distinct position. The Vietnam struggle could have lasted longer. Rock and roll will be much less pervasive. The civil rights circulate may have replaced legislation and attitudes extra slowly. yet ladies should be extra forward in task prestige and pay if there were no child boorr.. Hous­ ing will be more affordable. The economic system may have performed greater within the Seventies, and other people now of their 20s, 30s, and 40s will be making more cash. For the prior 30 years, the infant increase new release­ all these born among 1946 and 1964-shook American economics, politics, and tradition. however the complete impression of seven eight PREFACE the child growth is but to return as the new release is simply now gaining the commercial and political energy to de­ termine occasions. even though the child growth is a various new release associated merely through its date of start, that hyperlink is important. The gener­ ation spans 19 years, this means that many boomers ex­ perience a similar issues on the related time-going to col­ lege, getting a role, marrying, divorcing, procuring a home, beginning a family members. due to this, the child increase in­ fluences what America's companies produce, what the media write approximately, and what the politicans aid. It focuses the nation's consciousness on itself; its matters be­ come the nation's matters. no matter what age the newborn growth is turns into the nation's age.

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14 This is the baby boom's dilemma. Overall, more than half of American women work, comprising 44% of the nation's labor force. But among baby-boom women, fully 70% are in the labor force. 15 Why have baby-boom women gone to work in such record proportions? Part of the answer may lie in the culture of the 1950s, which prescribed one role for all married women-homemaking. Many of the mothers of the baby boomers chafed at the narrowness of their lives. As their children matured, the daughters rejected the housewife role that had confined their mothers.

THE IMPORTANCE OF MARRIAGE Most Americans have health insurance, and many have life insurance, disability insurance, and even mort- THE NEW RULES 55 gage insurance. But the best insurance for affluence is a marriage certificate. And the importance of marriage is growing. Marriage is more important to a person's wallet than an education, job skills, or attitude toward work, according to a study by the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research. 3 The Institute's Panel Study of Income Dynamics tracked a sample of 5000 familes for ten years and found that changes in income are linked more to marriage and divorce than to any individual skills or characteristics.

31 Half of baby boomers have been to college for at least one year, and one-fourth are college graduates. Only 14% of their parents graduated from college. 32 Babyboom women have twice the college experience that their mothers have. As this well-educated generation matured, it lifted the educational level of all Americans: In 1970, when the oldest baby boomer was just 24, only 55% of American adults had a hi~h-school diploma. Today, 73% are highschool graduates. 33 The baby-boom men born between 1947 and 1951 are the best educated people in American history.

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